time to mention them all. We recommend going to today’s featured travel site, Frommer’s, to see all of the great museums, world-class restaurants, huge selection of hotels, shopping, events and more. PLEASE support us on Patreon:… Featured real estate site: Zillow Featured tourism site:… House #1 US$5,195,000 AUS$7.7M CAN$6.9M €4.7M NZ$8.3M £4.2M 6 beds 6 baths 4 half baths Interior space: 8,000 sq ft /743 sq mts Lot size: 2.99 acres /1.21 hectares Built in 1933 House #2 US$5,200,000 AUS$7.7M CAN$6.9M €4.7M NZ$8.3M £4.2M 6 beds 6 baths 5 half baths Interior space: 12,429 sq ft /1,155 sq mts Lot size: .51 acres /2,064 sq mts Built in 1884 House #3 US$5,950,000 AUS$8.8M CAN$7.9M €5.4M NZ$9.5M £4.8M 7 beds 7 full baths 1 half baths Interior space: 8,640 sq ft /803 sq mts Lot size: .09 acres /364 sq mts Built in 1885 House #4 US$5,995,000 AUS$8.86M CAN$7.9M €5.4M NZ$9.6M £4.8M 7 beds 7 full baths 4 half baths Interior space: 11,013 sq ft /1,023 sq mts Lot size: 3.69 acres /1.5 hectares Built in 1908 House #5 US$7,250,000 AUS$9.6M CAN$6.6M €5.4M NZ$11.6M £5.8M 7 beds 8 full baths 1 half baths Interior space: 12,578 sq ft /1,069 sq mts Lot size: 2.3 acres /9,308 sq mts Built in 2009 House #6 US$9,500,000 AUS$14.0M CAN$12.6M €8.6M NZ$15.2M £7.6M 5 beds 9 full baths 2 half baths Interior space: 17,597 sq ft /1,635 sq mts Lot size: 8.5 acres /3.4 hectares Built in 2008 House #7 US$15,000,000 AUS$22.2M CAN$20.0M €13.6M NZ$24.0M £12.0M 8 beds 6 full baths 2 half baths Interior space: 13,353 sq ft /1,241 sq mts Lot size: 8.94 acres /3.6 hectares Built in 1900 ABOUT FANTASY DREAM HOMES Hey, I can’t afford these homes, and maybe you can’t either, but it sure is fun to take a peek inside and see what a multi-million dollar home has going for it. All of these homes are at the top end of the real estate market. Please join us for this one-of-a-kind virtual tour of spectacular luxury homes. Along the way, I’ve learned a few things about buying, selling and owning homes that I want to pass along to you. I’ve made many, many mistakes that I can help you to avoid, and I’ve made a good decision or two in my day. If you’re passionate about homes, luxury real estate, architecture, home decor or making the most of your existing home, this is the channel for you. It is “our” community and “our” channel, so let’s make it a great place with your help, comments, suggestions and ideas. Thanks for stopping buy and let’s tour some fantasy dream homes! Cheers! GET SOCIAL For timely updates and progress follow us on social media where we post frequently and have tons of cool photos. Website: https://www.fantasydreamhomes Pinterest:… Patreon:… Facebook:… Instagram:… Today’s featured background music: 00:0000:23 Wallpaper by Kevin MacLeod 3:3606:41 Porch Swing Days faster 06:4111:37 Sweet by Bensound 11:5715:11 Moody Swing by Oshova 15:1118:38 The Path Taken by Mixaund 22:4126:51 Space Race by Tubebackr 26:5331:20 Creativity by FSM Team feat. |escp| 31:3735:51 Beautiful Morning by Mixaund 35:5338:56 Blazing Nights of Life by The Whole Other 42:1742:38 Zazie by Kevin MacLeod 43:0450:15 Beauty Flow by Kevin MacLeod 50:1652:59 Hip Jazz by Bensound 52:5958:13 Easy by Mizaun 58:3301:02:33 Ready to Go by Mixaund 01:02:35 Fork in the Road from Storyblocks 01:06:1801:11:27 Infinite Perspective by Kevin MacLeod 01:13:0001:13:41 Aurea Carmina Music from “Wallpaper” “Porch Swing Days faster” “Zazie” “Beauty Flow” “Infinite Perspective” “Aurea Carmina” by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (…) Video Disclaimer Any information on home buying, home selling and home ownership in this video is intended as opinion only and as general interest only. Paul Martin nor PAMA AMERICA make no warranties or representations of any kind concerning the accuracy of the information contained in this video. Always seek the advice of professionals when you enter into any real estate transaction. Consulting licensed Real Estate Attorneys, Real Estate Agents, Architects, Home Designers, Residential Lighting Consultants, Residential Home Contractors, Soil Engineers, Structural Engineers, and Certified Home Inspectors is highly recommended and can save you an enormous amount of time, money and aggravation.

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